Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Monopole Fermion radiation according to the Quantum-FFF Model.

Comparison of Fermion spin/radiation diagram of Quantum FFF Theory (stiff propeller string with monopole radiation 1,2,3) and the Penrose diagram (flexible string with closed radiation loops: 4)

Hypothesis: The Higgsfield collisions with propeller fermions convert the massless Higgs into different shaped monopole photons and leaving into different axial directions.
Fig.1and 2: axial propeller rotation with 4x monopole sectors (magnetic, electric and graviton sectors)
Fig.3: Double coned magnetic monopole radiation (N+S) and merging electric (- for electrons) and graviton radiation emerges due to so called spin rotation. Magnetic monopole radiation trajectories are intrinsically curved to form closed fields.