Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Human consciousness, is a tragic misstep in evolution?

 Democratic Free Will and B Libet 2"Human consciousness, is a tragic misstep in evolution? " NO, HOWEVER we are too conscious of our INDIVIDUAL selves. "We became too self-aware." ( from the tv episode 12-jan 2014: "The long bright dark"(  http://m.imdb.com/title/tt2657398/quotes )

According to Quantum FFFTheory, we have to learn that we are not alone, we are etangled with 11 other selfs living in a 11 copy universes( the multiverse) away from us, but very important for all our decissions and even our motion and emotion..

Supported by,``Scientists propose existence and interaction of parallel worlds: Many Interacting Worlds theory challenges foundations of quantum science.``http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/10/141030101654.htm
As a consequence we have to share consciousness.

Multiverse CONSCIOUSNESS is the fundamental element of reality by guiding all particles and waves. According to my Q-FFF theory, we live inside a 12 fold multiverse with raspberry shape and instant entanglement between all 12 (Charge Parity symmetric) copy quanta and even between copy humans!!!
However for higher evolved species like humans the instant entanglement has a small retardation between Readiness Potential: RPI and RPII first measured by Benjamin Libet. My proposal is thatthe frontal cortex is responsible for that retardation of ca 300 Msec.
Below: My latest diagram about the way we seem to be able to VETO, consider meditate ponder or resolve: the difference between (RP) Readiness Potential I and II see also vixra.org/abs/1401.0115

The Veto subject closes the decision process, however he/she or others could start a new process with a RPI action over again !!! as a base for : Considering, Revolve, Meditate, or Ponder. But How are humans able to react fast in sports? THEN I assume the frontal cortex is not in action!! we learn to switch off the cortex by training!!

85 Benjamin Libet and the Quantum FFF interpretation of Free Will and the need for a multiverse.In Q-FFF theory, the raspberry shaped multiverse is assumed to be the origin of a multiversal coordinated wavefunction collapse (and Free will) by one quantum jump in one of the instant-entangled universes.
Conclusion: God plays dice using 8 or even12 entangled copy boards(universes) .
Due to the Universal CPT symmetry at a distance, Elementary Particles and Humans, should be able to change within a split moment from observer to observed devices, constantly creating snapshots of reality ("eigenstates"), forced by a constant Holistic (entangled) multi universal mutual guidance, VIOLATING LOCAL CAUSALITY and energized by a constant mechanical vacuum propulsion. However, in the evolutionary process we humans must have developed a system of choice delay called human consciousness, which made us responsible for our actions. Our actions are supposed to be mainly induced by our pre-determined urges and intentions (Benjamin Libet).
The CPT Symmetric Universal hypothesis is in fact an old issue in the physical community, and for some unclear reason left aside. However it is supported by Don.N.Page in: called : No Time Asymmetry from Quantum Mechanics.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Parallel Polarized Ballet Tutus, shaped by Solar Network jets.

Dual dark matter black holes at different surface levels seem to create Solar Network jets.

Solar Coronal Filamentary structure forming Network Jets (or Ballet Tutus) caused by dual Sunspot Black Hole Filament Pinching according to Quantum FFF Theory. The dual Black Hole systems seem to act at different distant levels from the surface ( see arrows)
Filamentary Structures forming Network Jets are also observed in Nebula ( Eta Carina) and Comets like 67P-CG.

Small Dark Matter Black Holes ( BLACK SPOTS? ) created by EM interference at the solar surface, also called "coronal rain".
It is expected that some of them (the largest,  propelled by polarized plasma) will leave the sun ( as UFO see fig 204) to form future Comet nuclei, according to Quantum FFF Theory.
See also:  "Solar bright spots" 
Dual Dark Matter Black Hole based sunspots seem to be responsible for strong magnetic field interference, just as observed for Herbig Haro objects and many other objects in the cosmos. 
Earth bound micro comets created by Sprite interference above lightning clouds are supposed to be a small scale example. (see figure nr. 188) 
The jet based " range skirts" seen in the image, are all oriented in the same direction.
This seems to point at the possibility that the dual sets of sunspot BHs under the solar surface (as trhe origin of these range skirts or "ballet tutu") are also parallel oriented.

Interference black holes as solar hot spot point  sources.