Wednesday, 30 December 2015

The Raspberry Shaped Super Symmetric Multiverse without a Cat Paradox

A Supersymmetric Multiverse interpretation of Quantum Mechanics with instant quantum entanglement at universal distances. This many worlds or Supersymmetric Multiverse interpretation of quantum mechanics is the idea that NOT all possible alternate histories of the universe NEED to exist IF there is instant mirror symmetrical wavefunction collapse in at least two distant (Charge and Parity) mirror symmetric (anti)-universes. IF this is the case, then we could argue that still all alternate histories exist, but have the same anti-copy result of wavefunction collapse. Mirror symmetrical Clocks are running over there with left handed rotation, but time is running still forward. Dual entangled Schrödinger Cats and anti-Cats in both universes, die or live instantly (superpositioned) without looking at them: they (the nuclear decay trigger) look to each other by long distant instant entanglement. Schrödinger was not aware of that possibility of course so he described the paradox, which became known as Schrödinger’s cat paradox. However deep down the Planck scale at the Higgs level there seem to be TWO entangled pinball machines active between dual anti-copy universes.
The oscillating Higgs energy and photons is compared with the pinball springs and the pinballs could be compared with the Fermions.
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Monday, 28 December 2015

You can not fall into the center of a NEW electric dark matter black hole (according to Q-FFF Theory)

As you will observe in the former posters, the new black hole is able to repell all fermions because all fermions are assumed to be fast rotating propellers which are sensitive for the polarisation of the vacuum around that black hole.

So I like the 2014 firewall idea of S. Hawking about changing the “event horizon”- into an “apparent” horizon, where infalling matter is suspended and pushed back. See:
Information Preservation and Weather Forecasting for Black Holes". arXiv:1401.5761
His proposal is about in line with my Quantum FFF theory, which says:
 that all fermions can be compared with little spinning propellers being polarized into their individual direction of motion in the local Higgs field reference frame.
If the Higgs field reference frame is running into the black hole by absorption, then fermions could change direction of polarization away from the black hole.

Extract of my Quantum Function Follows Form model.
1: Black holes are the same as Dark Matter, they all consume photons, even gravitons and the Higgs field, but REPEL Fermions due to their propeller shape. They produce electric charged plasma.
2: Dark Energy is the oscillating ( Casimir) energy of the Higgs Field equipped with a tetrahedron lattice structure with variable Planck length, increased around black holes..
3: Quantum Gravity = Dual Push gravity= Attraction (Higgs-Casimir pressure opposing Graviton pressure ).
4: The Big Bang is a Splitting dark matter Big Bang Black Hole (BBBH), splitting into smaller Primordial Big Bang Splinters (PBBS) forming the Fractal Lyman Alpha forest and evaporating partly into a zero mass energetic oscillating Higgs particle based Higgs field.
5: Dual PBBSs hotspots, produce central plasma concentration in electric Herbig Haro systems as a base for star formation in open star clusters even as a start for primordial Spiral Galaxies and galaxy clusters.
6: Spiral Galaxies will keep both Primordial Dark Matter Black Holes as Galaxy Anchor Black Holes (GABHs) connected by dual jets at long distance: (Milky Way= 27k Light years, based on recent observation)
7: After Galaxy Merging, these GABHs are the origin of
Galaxy- and Magnetic field complexity and newly formed dwarf galaxies in between GABHs
8: Black Holes produce Plasma direct out of the Higgs field by pair production. Two high energy Higgs particles ( by fluctuations at BH horizons) are convertible into symmetric electron and positron (or even dual quark-) propellers.
9: The chirality of the (Left Handed spiralling) vacuum lattice is the origin our material universe. Consequently A; propeller shaped positrons merge preferentially first with gluons to form (u) Quarks to form Hydrogen, B: neutrinos are always left handed .
10: The first Supernovas produce medium sized electric dark matter Black Holes as the base for secondary electric Herbig Haro systems the base for open star clusters.
11: ALL Dark Matter Black Holes are supposed to be CHARGE SEPARATORS with internal positive charge and an external globular shell of negative charged Quark electron plasma.
12: The light speed is related to gravity fields like the earth with long extinction distances to adapt with the solar gravity field both acting as reference frames. (See radar reflection anomaly on Venus)
13. Quantum FFF Theory states that the “raspberry shaped multiverse” is symmetric and instant entangled down to the smallest quantum level. Also down to living and dying Schroedinger CATS.
14 Large Primordial Big Bang Splinters (PBBS) are responsible for the creation of the Lyman Alpha forest structure and first spiral galaxy forming of the universe, but they seem to be also responsible for the implosion of the universe by the absorption of the Higgs field, in the form of Galaxy Anchor Black Holes (GABHs) located mainly outside galaxies. see: (See Quasisoft Chandra sources)
15, As a consequence of 12-14, Time is always local time in combination with cyclic period time of the multiverse.

16, If our material universes has a chiral left handed oscillating Higgs field, then our material Right Handed DNA helix molecule could be explained.
However it also suggests that in our opposing ANTI-MATERIAL multiverse neighbour universe the DNA helix should have a Left handed spiral.
According to Max Tegmark: in an entangled multiverse we may ask: is there COPY PERSON over there, who is reading the same lines as I do?
If this COPY person is indeed living over there, then even our consciousness should be shared in a sort of entangled DEMOCRATIC form,
Then we are not alone with our thoughts and doubts, see:
Democratic Free Will in the instant Entangled Multiverse.

In contrast with mainstream physics, Fermion and dust production around Cometary BH nuclei is observed at comet 67P CG.  Also observed around small (Herbig Haro: HH) black hole horizons and assumed to happen during and after fractal inflation of the multiverse.
After Supernova explosion, at least one BH- and Dust is created able to form  new HH systems after meeting with a second BH of the same size.  Meeting with a larger BH will split the larger BH into two equal parts, as observed in the Eagle nebula.

At the end of the multiverse, it is supposed that most smaller  dark matter black holes ( hot dark matter, like Herbig Haro objects) have merged into large Monster BHs. ( cold dark matter). Monster BHs (Galaxy Anchor Black Holes: GABHs) do not produce gas or dust due to their large angle of horizon curvature.

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It is said: "Our work strongly reinforces the theory that supernovae are producing the dust seen in galaxies of the early universe,"

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

125 and 750 GeV in the LHC according to Quantum FFF Theory

Perhaps there is a more architectural solution? According to Q-FFF Theory, the single Higgs vacuum particle itself is massless. 
However merger particles could result in different Quantum Knots with various masses and shapes.
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Evaporating Quantum knots ( micro black holes) also found inside high voltage spark produced  silicon globules.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Twisted magnetic fields give new insights on star formation

Twisted magnetic fields give new insights on star formation

according to sciencedaily.
Magnetic configuration is key to growth of dusty disks orbiting young stars.
However there is more to say about those dual black holes:
They produce plasma globules which are external negative charged and internal positive charged.
So not only  the Big Bang or inflation is the origin of matter creation, it happens all around black holes even the smallest ball lightnings.

As already postulated by Quantum FFF Theory stating that stars form between dual electric dark matter black holes, where Birkeland and Alfven current circuits are playing a central role. !!

see als: See: The Self Organizing Universe in the Carina- and other Nebula.

Quick star/galaxy formation by electric and magnetic fields combined with Casimir-Higgs vacuum pressure. (called: push gravity butterfly)

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Diluted vacuüm Casimir pressure from Big Crunch to Big Bang

Dual Entropy trajectories of each universe. 
Diluted vacuum volume and pressure, ( by black hole vacuum absorption) responsible for the big bang critical vacuum pressure on the Big Crunch black hole leading to the new start of the cyclic universe

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Fermion and Vacuum Entropy trajectories inside the cyclic Multiverse

Fermion and Vacuum Entropy trajectories inside the cyclic Multiverse of Quantum FFF Theory, with low Big Crunch and Big Bang entropy.
The Q-FFF  theory postulates that the vacuum pressure ( Casimir) obstruct the black hole nuclei from evaporation until the universal vacuum pressure  is diluted by the central merger Big Crunch BH ( BCBH) absorption of the vacuum up to a certain critical point.
As a consequence the Big Bang starts off with the splitting into smaller (Electric Dark Matter) BHs, or later after dual pairing ( Galaxy Anchor Black Holes: GABHs) and evaporation into the oscillating chiral truncated and flexible tetrahedral lattice.

Thus, Fermion time has stopped as fermions are not present between the B.Crunch and the B.Bang. Universal time (Higgs field time) however continues.
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This is in contrast with the "conformal cyclic comology" of sir Roger Penrose.

Sunday, 13 December 2015


If Dark matter Black Holes EAT the energetic oscillating Higgs vacuum (dark energy) then we may expect the vacuum to become diluted and will shrink in volume.
The universe is shrinking by the continuous absorption of the vacuum dark energy Higgs lattice by dark matter black holes.
 leading to a concentration of black holes in the centre and a BIG CRUNCH! The Big Bang wll start with the splitting and evaporation of the B Crunch Black Hole the origin of a so called fractal inflation of the whole raspberry shaped  CONSCIOUS multiverse BY PARTICLE INSTANT ENTANGLEMENT between CP (T) symmetric (anti) universes.
THEN hydrogen start to be produced around individual Bhs .
Stars are formed in between two or even more dumbbell black holes accelerated by Birkeland currents and Alfven circuits.
However in the centre of complex (elliptical) galaxies the Birkeland Alfven currents are reduced due to the multiplicity of jet directions ( Herbig Haro jets) . The result dying of Hydrogen production in the centre of these galaxies, RED AND DEAD GALAXY EMERGENCE.


To compare with:
The conformal cyclic cosmology (CCC) is a cosmological model in the framework of general relativity, advanced by the theoretical physicists Roger Penrose and Vahe Gurzadyan

also in Proceedings of EPAC 2006. pp. 2759–2767.

Fermion and Vacuum Entropy trajectories inside the cyclic Multiverse of Quantum FFF Theory, with low Big Crunch and Big Bang entropy.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Why are black holes so bright?

The central Milky Way black hole observation.
Quote: "why are black holes so bright?" states Doeleman."

Sunday, 6 December 2015

ZPE accelerated Dark Matter Black Holes of all scales by Quantum FFF Theory.

ZPE accelerated Dark Matter Black Holes of all scales by Quantum FFF Theory. Ball Lightnings tacking into the wind direction  seem to be comparable Super Nova Black holes tacking away from the MW nucleus, as a reaction not to some sort of wind, but more to the center of gravity, pulling the plasma tail in propelling position.

As soon as the center of gravity declines in favor of the dark matter black holes reciding in the galaxy halo, the propulsion will change to search for a companion black hole and form a Herbig Haro object with star formation in between the two black holes (observable as bow shocks).

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Mysterious accelerating object near the center of the Milky Way

Mysterious accelerating object near the center of the Milky Way seems to be the ZPE propelled super nova black hole assumed to produce a growing plasma tail pointing to the MW center and coming to rest between other equal massive Halo electric dark matter black holes. According to Quantum FFF theory.

ZPE accelerated Dark Matter Black Holes of all scales by Quantum FFF Theory. Ball Lightnings tacking into the wind direction  seem to be comparable Super Nova Black holes tacking away from the MW nucleus.

Second mystery:
Quote: "why are black holes so bright?" states Doeleman."

"Q-FFF Theory: because BHs are not understood at all."

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Why Dark Matter is lagging behind galaxies in motion.

Why Dark Matter is lagging behind galaxies in motion.

Dark matter black holes will lag behind galaxies in motion because they are only dependent of the local Higgs field (Casimir) pressure without graviton pressure on their nuclei.  
According to Quantum FFF Theory:  BHs have no singularity at the center, but  a complex concentration of dark matter Qauntum knots instead, also called Axions or Weyl fermions and even Higgs particles. see also:

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

3D Atomic nuclear polar ring structure according to Quantum FFF Theory,

3D Atomic nuclear polar ring structure according to Quantum FFF Theory, with Image of extra stable dual Neutron- or Proton configuration inside the atom nucleus.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Charge differences of D and U quarks according to Quantum FFF Theory.

Charge differences of 1/3 and 2/3 between D and U quarks should be originated by the chirality differences with the vacuum.
The chiral U quark is assumed to have much more collisionary interaction with the opposite chiral oscillating Higgs field and consequently a 2/3 charge.