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THE CARINA NEBULA the origin for pillars of creation

Examples of SPLITTING AND PAIRING Black holes forming complex gas pillars with straight or curved Herbig Haro objects at the top.
Some of them seem to race through the nebula.

Two straight Herbig haro objects are visible here.

Curved Herbig Haro objects are visible (below)

EAGLE NEBULA and the origin for pillars of creation

THE EAGLE NEBULA is the most obvious example of splitting and pairing micro black holes.
A GREAT basic example for universal complexity.
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Below: the Spire.

Dust Pillars

THE CRAB NEBULA and the origin of pillars of creation

Paired micro black holes in motion forming curved micro Herbig Haro objects in the Crab nebula..

The Crab nebula with 10.000 mini black hole shaped gas pillars.

It is assumed that the "sunspot black holes" of the former Crab star, are in an active pairing and splitting process leaving visible gas pillars and "curved" mini Herbi Haro objects behind.

Peculiar Comets with Anti tails or multiple tails

Comet Hyakutake 21-march 1996 with multiple tails in the form of jets and ion gas tail, 20 degrees long!. Photo: Herman Mikuz. Crni. Vrh. Obs. Slovenia.
A typical support for the micro black hole hypothesis.

Examples of binary black holes: star forming Stellar Anchor Black Holes (SABHs)

Image of our Stellar Anchor Black Hole (SABH) system, supposed to be the remant of the former Herbig Haro system of the star forming open star cluster.
Breaking News:
Strange cosmic ray hotspots tell tales of dual Solar Anchor Black holes? 
16:42 03 May 2011 by Anil Ananthaswamy
Cosmic rays crashing into the Earth over the South Pole appear to be coming from particular locations, rather than being distributed uniformly across the sky. Similar cosmic ray "hotspots" have been seen in the northern skies too, yet we know of no source close enough to produce this pattern.
"We don't know where they are coming from," says Stefan Westerhoff of the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Second breaking news:
Second experiment hints at seasonal dark matter signal
If the dual Polar SABHs are located as indicated, and Black holes are also the creators of dark matter effects, THEN the seasonal dark matter signal is easily explained.

Pulsar B1509.
Pulsar B1509, a 1700 year old spinning neutron star with multiple mini black holes leaving to form starforming regions between Herbig Haro-binary black hole systems.

Starforming region NGC 604 (inside M33) with

two x-ray hotspots

as an example of two star forming anchor black holes or binary black holes.

These xray hotspots are NOT observed in optical Hubble images!

Our own Sun is assumed to be the remnant of such a system at a much smaller scale, leaving a simple planetary system with central star (Sun) behind.

latest  news SEE:
Can the Sun's Siblings Be Found?
Science, 19-november 2010

Last year astronomer Simon Portegies Zwart of Leiden University in the Netherlands claimed that scientists might be able to find the sun's siblings
NGC 604 is much larger and assumed to form a dwarf galaxy or globular cluster.

WHY black holes split and pair to form stars or galaxies

Herbig Haro objects are in mainstream physics thought to be originated by stars in the making.

HOWEVER according to my new black hole paradigm, Herbig Haro objects are the origin of stars in the making and the origin of open star clusters, with TWO or even more  black holes at each end of the synchrotron jet, located inside the so called "hotspot" at the end of the jets.
In the bigbang inflation period these black holes are supposed to bethe primordial splintersof the big bang black holes, to form first spiral galaxies . Later only SN (supernova ) black holes are supposed to be responsible for open star clusters..
Even OUR SUN is supposed to be the remnant of such an open star cluster system with at least one black hole located at about one lightyear distance from each pole!
On a larger scale just after the big bang, Herbig Haro objects should have been active as the origin of galaxies and galaxy clusters.

The Carina nebula is a playground for splitting and pairing massless black holes.
Gas dust pillar regions like the Carina nebula, are well known cradles of stars. In addition we may say, cradles for fast multiplying mini black holes.
These newly formed black holes have a peculiar habit, they seem to pair in groups to form temporal visible Herbig Haro (HH) objects as the start of an open star cluster located in the centre of these paired hotspots.
However according to the images, there are multiple ways for these black holes to split and meet each other.

Herbig Haro hotspots seem to be only temporal visible manifestations at the end of the splitting and pairing black hole process.

Not only at this scale we can find such dumbbell structures but all over the cosmos, from HH objects to Galaxy clusters. See Coma cluster by Chandra image.
Conclusion, we need a new scenario for black holes, because they seem to repel Fermions and leave gas channels behind as found in most nebula and other strange objects ( see below) around us.

Black holes seem to like splitting if the vacuum Higgs pressure (Casimir) around the NEW black hole nucleus decreases below a certain level (inside the Big Bang) or if the Vacuum pressure becomes anti-symmetrical due to the approach of other (smaller) black holes.

As a consequence the largest black holes we will mostly find at the edge (outer Halo) of non-merging Galaxies. (see below for the Andromeda galaxy in x-ray and optical)

Andromeda (M31) in x-ray showing multiple black hole hotspots

Optical Andromeda by Hubble telescope.






A quote by the famous physicist Max Planck:
"As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about atoms this much: There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind.
This mind is the matrix of all matter."
I was just curious, was he referring literally to the idea that all matter has a conscious mind in one form or another? or was he just trying to be clever?

Is it actually possible for matter to be "intelligent"?

The new God particle and the second Law.

Hubble telescope images of the different forms of star formation and the shapes of so called “Gas pillars” inside the star forming nebulae of the Milky-way galaxy, tell us the story of New Physics with unexpected results for the future of mankind.
The story to be told in this book is based on numerous observations that potential Black holes -in contrast with mainstream physics- seem to repel all Fermions because they seem to repel all gas and dust particles! Gas and dust tails seem to push and accelerate these Black holes through the nebulae !
If this observation is right, then we are forced to assume, that the second Law of Thermo-dynamics is violated near "Black holes" and it will be a great job to find physical clues which support such a proposal.
The second law of thermodynamics states:
That in isolated systems, concentrated energy disperses over time, and consequently less concentrated energy is available to do useful work.
What we observe inside the nearby star forming nebulae is that there seems to be lots of energy available to do useful work and accelerate countless “entities” through these systems.

The violation of the second law.

If we are able to find a solution for such a violation, then this is a sign of new physics and at the same time a possibility to describe unexplained energized x-ray point sources, such as all Quasar Hotspots, Sunspots, Herbig Haro Hotspots, Comets, Sunspots, and even Ball Lightning.
If we look at the Carina Nebula, we may become a strong suspicion for acceleration phenomena, by recognizing pairing Black holes as the base for new Herbig Haro objects which are known as the origin of newly formed open star clusters.
However we need to find the mechanism behind these pairing Black holes which leads us to a new interpretation of physics.
After a long journey of research for this book, it came out that an extended model based on the non-relativistic “Bohm- Bell particle interpretation” of Quantum mechanics with additional real particle shapes, could do the job and explain most of the present anomalies in physics which are found on the macro and micro scale!
The Bohm-Bell interpretation is described in Bell’s book: “Speakable and Unspeakable in Quantum mechanics” (Cambridge universal press, 1987) and recently discussed and supported in articles such as: “John Bell and Bell’s Theorem” (2004) by D. Dürr, S. Goldstein at all.
It was David Bohm and John Bell and others, like Jean Pierre Vigier and Basil Hiley, who tried to get an alternative picture and a more ontological sound proposal for physical reality.
They assumed that all particles should be real point-particles accompanied by a so called wave function but without a physical extension
However they failed to propose experimental differences with the standard theory to get a broad support from the physics community and the mathematical changes they proposed where not seen by the mainstream as a better alternative. This is described by Paul Davies and John Brown in “The Ghost in the Atom” described later in this book.
In contrast with the Bohm-Bell interpretation, we propose in this book, that the Higgs vacuum is a dense network or lattice occupied by fast oscillating FORM changing Higgs particles and that Fermions are not “point particles” but real spinning propeller shaped particles able to make a SPIN-FLIP at the Black hole horizon and repel from it.
Then we may have a logical foundation for violation of the second law of thermodynamics at the Black hole horizon. However, in that case, the vacuum is supposed to be a super dense God particle based particle system with a memory for speed and position of particles.
In this book I will explain and describe several useful experiments to create a experimental based foundation for such a real alternative.
That is to say, to understand those new experiments, we have to change our understanding of reality by descending down to the smallest microstructures such as the Electron and the Positron and we have to go up to the largest scale: the universe as a whole including the Big bang.
We will observe that the guiding system for particles we need just like David Bohm proposed (The Pilot wave) but did not find, should be about the same system as the guiding system for our free choices and free will.
This guiding system I dubbed: Multi-universal entanglement between anti-material universes located inside the raspberry shaped multiverse.
To name a few present anomalies at the macro- and micro-scale, which are explained in this book:
The Pioneer 10/11 anomaly.
The Fly-by anomaly.
The Venus-Mercury Radar reflection anomaly.
The GPS incidental outlier anomaly.

Free Will.

The brush of an artist is freely guided over the canvas while painting. We say the artist guides his brush in full freedom because he uses his free will to do so.
We also may say that historical events like wars or military interference are based on free will of the responsible presidents or responsible decision makers. But is this really the case? What we see, is the different morality of these two examples. In this book I will try to give an answer to the question of free will, based on rigorous causal reasoning and my new model of the world around us, which is made falsifiable and testable by a handful of future- but also by historical experiments already.

That new model is based on the unusual but most simple hypothesis for a new kind of Big Bang, together with the assumption, that our universe is STILL fully symmetric from the start in the form of a raspberry shaped multi universe, the "multiverse". The Big Bang should be interpreted as the Fractal evaporation of a Big Crunch Black hole, into an even set of symmetric and EPR related bubbles of copy universes.As a result, we live in a material bubble of the symmetric raspberry multiverse which is without time delay "entangled at a long distance" with the other (anti)-material copy bubbles. "EPR related" means that the particle system is based on the results of recent laboratory experiments originally based on the ideas of Einstein Podolski and Rosen (EPR). The EPR experiments demonstrated that particles that shared originally the same "identical state" remain instantly and enduringly connected, even at long distances like universal scales.
As a start I give here some thoughts of other thinkers about free will, also with a clear difference on morality impact.
The Arthur Schopenhauer idea about free will with a moral aspect:
I can do what I will: I can, if I will, give everything I have to the poor and thus become poor myself — if I will! But I cannot will this, because the opposing motives have much too much power over me for me to be able to. On the other hand, if I had a different character, even to the extent that I were a saint, then I would be able to will it. But then I could not keep from willing it, and hence I would have to do so.
The Rene Descartes idea: Cogito ergo sum: I think therefore I am.
To lift a tip of the solution described in this book, I would say beforehand, that the physics of the universe seem to have the possibility of moral aspects in itself. This hypothesis is in line with other thinkers like Teilhard de Chardin (Noösphere, global consciousness) and Frank Tipler, who both predicted that all historical and actual information about our world is stored somewhere in the vacuum around the Earth, however my physical underpinning is quite different. My own conviction about this subject is that the vacuum of the universe has a much more dense unresolved microscopic structure then mainstream physics wants to accept at this moment.
This vacuum structure is supposed to be able to store all our individual thoughts ideas and actions., like a digital ROM, a programmable read only memory, coined STP_ROM, (Solar Toroidal Programmable Read Only Memory). More in detail: It is as if the Earth as a whole makes backup copies of itself every split second and leave these copies behind in the form of a ring around the Sun.
Multiversal Consciousness, A shocking idea? the world upside down and doubled. 

We humans seem to be able to tap information (backwards) out of this digital memory as a base for all our dreams and intuition.
More consequently, we are “forced” to constantly tap information out of this vacuum system, in the form of our dreams, creative intuition and even partly our human urges. Daniel Dennet described this effect as “Intuition pump”. Our social and moral behavior and habits are supposed to be influenced by this memory and as a consequence, the completion of this memory with its own Earth bound morality (good or bad) could be the ultimate goal of humanity as a local part of a much larger universal whole.
As a result, it is the base for our personal IDENTITY and perhaps even the origin for a scientific based astrology in the future, if the ring structure around the sun of this cosmic vacuum memory could be observed by scientific experiments.
I am very pleased about recent (2007) laboratory results found by Marcel Brass ( Gent) and Patrick Haggard (London) , which do confirm the well known work of Benjamin Libet on free will and his brain research on so called motor reaction times of subjects in the laboratory. These findings are also a strong refutation of the recent free will ideas of Daniel Dennett, who fiercely attacked Libet in his book “Freedom evolves” (2003).
It looks as if our free will can only be described as “not doing” or aborting at the last possible moment our intentions, in full agreement with Benjamin Libet's proposal for free will. The Zen Buddhist philosophy of the importance of “not doing” will be also of interest here.

Lee Smolin.
Einstein as a child, tried to imagine how the world would look like from the position of a Photon. If imagination is the motor of our changing interpretation of the world, then we should work on our imagination of the universe at all scales. Then the imaginative interpretation of the visual aspects of the Cosmos could be the base for real discrimination and order. If the collapse of the wavefunction is the only way for nature to make a choice then the explanation for human choices and FREE WILL should be related to wavefunction collapse.

One of the most recent and accessible descriptions of the great problems of physics, inspired me to write this book because I boldly think I can shed some modest alternative light. It is called “the Trouble with Physics” written by Lee Smolin, a well known physicist.

The five great problems in theoretical physics he describes are chosen to be the base for this book.. The possible alternatives that I invented for those problems seem just to fit in his descriptions. The five problems are described as follows:

1: Explain how all the particles and forces are manifestations of a single entity (the GOD particle) the unification of particles and forces. 2: How are the values chosen of the free constants in the standard model of particle physics. 3: Explain dark matter and Dark energy. 4: Combine general relativity and Quantum theory into a single theory that can claim to be the complete theory of nature, also called the Quantum Gravity problem. 5: Resolve the problems in the foundations of Quantum mechanics either by making sense of the standing theory or invent a new one.

To explain Free Will we also seem to need a new model of reality.
So I hope you will enjoy reading this book, but I must apologize for the crash you could experience about your own personal SELF. The world seems to be split in two -or even more- interconnected “entangled” mirror symmetrical parts and you are only partly responsible for your decisions you make.
However, as a consequence, You are not alone! We all are at a long distance direct related-in all our actions, dreams and thoughts- to our identical (anti-) counterparts at the other side of our universal bubble.
Is there consequently nothing left of a single personal identity, who has a single possibility to choose and could be the guiding entity for the others?
There is a small possibility yes, based on the existence of little deviations in the existing experiments made by Benjamin Libet and others. It is called "incidental pre-planning", which has got no scientific attention as far as I know.

In a private letter, Benjamin Libet wrote to me, that he was not able to reproduce the statistics of these incidental pre-planning events of his experiments, because they where "Buried" in his computer files.
As a weird but logic consequence, this Libet experiment should be reproduced to find out about the percentages of "incidental preplanning" to be able to peculate about the exact number of entangled mirror-copy universes.

Free Vacuum Energy.

Vacuum energy is supposed by mainstream physics to be energy exists in space even when devoid of matter. This vacuum energy is supposed to be the origin of all the fundamental forces, the electromagnetic- strong- weak- and Gravity forces.
It is found to be present in experiments like the spontaneous emission of light or gamma radiation, the , Van der Waals bonds, Casimir effect, the Lamb shift, etc; and in this book it is thought to have consequences for the behavior of the “symmetrical entangled” Universe on cosmological scales.
In this book I support the idea that the vacuum is able to produce this vacuum energy by the autonomous oscillation of densely tetrahedral shaped system (lattice) of Higgs particles. These Higgs particles are supposed to be the origin of all other particles (the God particle) by a simple change of their rigid FORM. Thus Fermions have also real rigid forms and are supposed to have a propeller shape to become spin by Higgs scattering coming in from all directions.
If the Higgs oscillations have a random globular impulse on a Fermion, we may conclude that the Fermion is in equilibrium with the Higgs vacuum in free space and if each impact is represented by one Higgs vector we may speak of a so symmetrical Higgs impulse vector Hedgehog (IVH).
If this vector Hedgehog is anti-symmetrical, the Fermion may have an absolute motion through the vacuum, (Lorentz polarization) or the Fermion is accelerated by a fundamental force like Gravity!
At the borders of a Black hole these Fermions seem to have an opposite reaction to the Higgs impact hedgehog. As a result Fermions are not able to enter the horizon of a Black hole.
As a consequence ENTROPY is decreasing around the horizon of a Black hole and the universe is served with Free Energy, or a "large scale Casimir effect" or "macro Casimir effect", the origin of quantum gravity and all non-Newtonian complexity in the universe like Cygnus A, the origin of so called Dark energy effects and perhaps in a downscaled form, even an alternative Free energy source on earth!
If the second Law of Thermodynamics doesn't hold for "Dark energy" or “Dark Matter”, then the description of unexplained energized x-ray point sources, such as Sunspots, Comets and Ball Lightning, should be one of the highest scientific goals, to generate a firm alternative for fossil fuel.
The Large Hadron Collider in Geneva which will start operation next year, is supposed to be able to produce small Ball Lightning scaled Black hole nuclei, as the base for new free energy production solutions. (See page 92, figure 2.8.5-2.8.6.)
For a quick search inside my new book:"The new God Particle and Free Will", at press:

Leo Vuyk.
Introduction to my book, may 2008.

Additional information: 9-april 2010.
Surprize: Quasars don't show redshift variation related to the accelerating expansion of the universe.
1: My FFF theoretical model predicts that quasars are black holes and as a consequence their light is gravitational redshifted by their own black hole graviitational field ( better vacuum distorion) instead of a distance related redshift!
2: Due to the poliferation of so many black holes located outside galaxies, redshift is in that sence related to distance by the continuous distortion of the photon trajectory to our telescopes.
Supernovae show this "time dilation" in the speed at which they fade - far-off explosions seem to dim more slowly than those nearby. But when Mike Hawkins of the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh, UK, looked at light from quasars he found no time dilation.
Time waits for no quasar – even though it should
Newscientist, 08 April 2010 by Marcus Chown
Magazine issue 2755.