Monday, 27 April 2009

NEW Micro Black holes, accelerated by unstable swinging gas tails. A new black hole paradigm is needed to understand universal complexity.

What is the physics behind falling and raising micro Comets if they are in fact micro black holes? The growing gas tails should be responsible for this effect.
If by magnetic interference micro black holes are able to emerge around the earth and the sun, they are expected to start as "naked" singularities without a gas tail, and going down by gravity of the earth or sun.
However, if a gas bubble round this singularity has emerged, keeping a comfortable distance to the singularities nucleus by the Fermion repulsion horizon, then this gas bubble has the tendency to form a tail which points into the direction of the gravity origin.
As a result, this tail will push the micro black hole UP and away from the gravity origin!

Saturn's icy/spongy moon Hyperion,

the remains of a former Comet?

The globular inner structure of the ruptured icy moon Hyperion tells us the story of an old Comet left alone by its New Micro Black hole of creation.

It also is a strong evidence of the Fermion repelling horizon and complete atomic H2 production around NEW (micro) black holes, if the vacuum structure of our matterial universe, has a chiral preference for matter over anti matter .