Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Trantula Nebula, and other examples of different sized new paradigm Black Hole cooperation. e+ e- annihilation and gas production seems to be dependent on black hole horizon curvation

Different sized new paradigm black holes in the Tarantula Nebula.

Conclusion: Giant Galaxy Anchor black holes (GABHs) around stable Galaxies, are not easy detectable, only as dark matter blobs.
Galaxy anchor black holes like those present at both sides of Cygnus A, must be smaller and have smaller event horizon curvation to be able to produce lots of gas and plasma, found around these two dumbbell blobs!
Conclusion Cygnus A is not the start of a full scale Galaxy far away, but a small open star cluster created by dumbbell structured black holes, even inside our own Milky Way.

Cygnus A.

Poster: Massless new Black Hole paradigm leading to horizon e-e+ (electron positron plasma) production soft/minimal annihilation and Quark electron plasma or Hydrogen creation.

 How elliptical Galaxies like the Sombrero Galaxy are made according to Q-FFF Theory. Small and large Galaxies -with small and large GABH systems- seem to have merged into the Sombrero Galaxy.

18-11-2011: See this: NEWS:
Astronomers Reveal Galaxies' Most Elusive Secrets.
Hubble found distant mass in Galaxy envelopes!! PLACE:  around a possible GABH location.

We are waiting for the discovery of GABHs Galaxy Anchor Black holes, by so called lensing effects on background sources by these black holes (dark matter) seen by Hubble.  Perhaps, the astronomers keep it secret for the public for a while.
Galaxies Are the Ultimate Recyclers, NASA's Hubble Confirms.
What is the difference between these two Galaxy types, according to Q-FFF Theory??
Simply that the Galaxy connected GABHs can cooperate with other GABHs belonging to other nearby Galaxies. As a result, these distant GABHs will be able to attrackt the gas from neighbouring Galaxy.
So only if here are more galaxies in the neighborhood, this could be the case.
In all other cases, the return of the expelled gas will be certain by the attraction forces of the own galaxy GABHs.

Young Galaxies sucking in cool gas made by Galaxy Anchor Black Holes ( GABHs) .