Wednesday, 30 September 2009

SPLITTING BLACK HOLES, the origin of Gamma Ray Bursts GRBs.

There is a Worldwide Hunt To Solve The Mystery Of Gamma-Ray Bursts.

In my opinion, CATAPULT ejection of gamma rays, could be the origin of Gamma Ray Bursts (GRBs). How the catapult mechanism should work is presented here in simple sketches. For more details see this blog and:

Two approaching equal sized black holes are supposed not to split but originate a Herbig Haro object, often found inside star forming nebula.
However we found multiple examples, e.g. inside the EAGLE NEBULA of traces of “splitting black holes”.

We suggest that a possible splitting process should be triggered by the collision of two unequal sized black holes. The smaller black hole is supposed to be able to split the larger black hole by its concentrated electron jet and local vacuum deformation. (see figure)
The result however is that the splitting process unleashes a BURST of electrons in-between the parts of the splitted black hole which can be described as a CATAPULT ejection.
As a consequence however, this Gamma ray Burst ejection should be “one sided” in stead of the two-sided ejection as interpretation of GRBs by mainstream astronomy.
At the same time this seems a rational base for the fact that Gamma Ray bursts are so rare and able to travel well focussed over long (cosmological) distances.