Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Evidence for external Galaxy Anchor Black Holes (GABHs)

Andromeda (M31) image without visible external black hole (x-ray hotspot) structure.

It is well established that X-ray production should be present around black-hole sources due to interaction with local gas.
As a consequence we observe black hole locations around gaseous galaxies in space by x-ray images taken by the CHANDRA satellite.
Andromeda, (M31) and the Sombrero galaxy seem to be excellent examples. .
However in both cases the brightest x-ray sources are located far outside these galaxies.
This seems to be a clear support for a NEW black hole theory.
M31, with multiple x-ray hotspots (GABHs) around the galaxy.
Chandra x-ray image of Andromeda (above) with multiple x-ray hotspots (Galaxy Anchor black holes) around the Galaxy.
Most of the M31 x-ray sources are identified as Globular Clusters (GCs), obviously equipped with at least one central black hole.
As a matter of fact astronomers concluded that:
The brightest M31 x-ray (GC) sources tend to reside at large galactic distances outside the central bulge. See:
The X-ray dots are DECREASING IN DIAMETER towards THE CENTER OF THE GALAXY! This is a firm support for a NEW black hole theory introducing Fermion repelling horizons and massless Black holes.!
Evidence for external Galaxy Anchor Black Holes (GABHs)
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