Thursday, 26 February 2009

Do (micro) black holes extract energy from the vacuum?

Is there a future possibility to extract energy from the vacuum?
Is harnessing ball lightning perhaps the solution for our energy problem on Earth.
One of the most involved persons on this issue is Jack Sarfatti.
His latest paper is the next one:
The emergence of gravity etc. etc. Authors: Jack Sarfatti, Creon Levit (Submitted on 31 Jan 2009)
Abstract: We present a model for the origin of gravity, dark energy and dark matter: Dark energy and dark matter are residual pre-inflation false vacuum random zero point energy (w=-1) of large-scale negative, and short-scale positive pressure, respectively, corresponding to the "zero point" (incoherent) component of a superfluid (supersolid) ground state. Gravity, in contrast, arises from the 2nd order topological defects in the post-inflation virtual "condensate" (coherent) component.
For my personal contribution for a Higgs vacuum driven electron pump, see my book and pages 92-96:
type: 92 in the search engine box and click on "page 92" to find more.