Thursday, 25 April 2013


There are photon vector fields for electric negative and positive charge and for magnetic North and South potential.
( See image of vector fields around the earth)
The boundary telescope (depicted above) is able to determine a so called fingerprint in the form of the half circle boundary shape of the two magnetic vector fields (North and South) at each location on earth. (see below).
The specific curvature of the half circle shaped boundary line (B) is the fingerprint observed to be unique for each location on earth..

The difference between magnetic monopole field and synchrotron x-ray monopole field photons.

AT LOW RELATIVE SPEED, The propeller shape of Fermions is the origin of a dual MAGNETIC VECTOR spin state by collision influences of the oscillating masslesss Higgs vacuum. (Spin rotation and axial rotation) There are TWO cones with different monopole photons emitted (north and South)

AT HIGH SPRELATIVE SPEED the Lorentz polarization of the Fermion “propeller nose” (1 or 2) is preferently pointing into direction (11) with synchrotron MONOPOLE X-RAY photons are produced by the Higgs collision process

.These monopole x-ray photons focus into the opposing vacuum direction (15) and the double Spin rotation has become a single axial rotation.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

QUANTUM GARAVITY, MASS IN MOTION and SYNCHROTRON RADIATION and Free Will  and Some other Quantum- FFF theory essentials.

The origin of Pigeon homing: Magneto Monopole vector field of the earth.

Alternative Magnetic field interpretation: The magnetic monopole vector field.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Dark Matter Black Hole firewall.
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The new paradigm Firewall Black Hole.