Thursday, 29 January 2015

Yellow Balls, recently observed as early star forming open cluster centre.

Yellow Balls, recently observed as early star forming open cluster centre, interpreted according to Quantum FFF Theory.
Yellow Balls, (1) as intermediate phase between a Herbig Haro central star (2) and the start of an open star cluster called “Blow out cavity” bubble  (3).
for Herbig Haro systems see: THIS

This series of images show three evolutionary phases of massive star formation, as pictured in infrared images from NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope. The stars start out in thick cocoon of dust (left), evolve into hotter features dubbed “yellowballs” (centre); and finally, blow out cavities in the surrounding dust and gas, resulting in green-rimmed bubbles with red centres (right). The process shown here takes roughly a million years. Even the oldest phase shown here is fairly young, as massive stars live a few million years. Eventually, the stars will migrate away from their birth clouds. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Comet67P CG, evidence for sub surface funnel structures,like Hyperion and Coral.

Observed collimated dust jets spouting out Comet 67P C-G are suggesting a sub-surface funnel structure  Photo ESA blog, edited and enhanced by Steve Kasian. Photo: ESA 10-jan-2015.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Galaxy- Star formation and evolution

The universal principle of star- and galaxy  creation, after a Dark Matter Black Hole ( DMBH) splitting Big Bang.
According to Quantum FFF Theory, dual Herbig Haro hotspots are former DMBHs called SABHs Stellar Anchor Black Holes with binary star creation in between, most at the top of dust pillars of creation inside older nebula.(E)
This process is also the base of galaxy formation in the early universe.
The images:
Bi-polar (A) and multipolar (B) Planetary Nebula related to Dark Matter Black Hole based (DMBH) Starspots ejection (C). DMBHs aim by ZPE to pair (D) and form Herbig Haro systems creating binary stars in between these DMBHs called SABHs. (E).
If all the dust of the pillars is consumed and transformed into binary stars, a star like our sun remains with or without planets, being failed stars ( H2 planets like Jupiter : Dust pillar products) or Earth like planets ( iron core products)
( For the Black Hole pairing and splitting process, to form Herbig Haro objects, see image 225)

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Evidence for Dark Matter based plasma, dust and ice production inside Comets like 67P,C-G. and the growing Earth.

Evidence for Dark Matter based plasma, dust and ice production inside Comets like 67P,C-G. and the growing Earth.


Recent turmoil around the foundation of Black hole theory principles by Stephen Hawking
and others, is a clear sign of great uncertainty about black holes and adjacent subjects.
As a consequence, it seems a good moment to come up with a Black Hole alternative already
prepacked in my Quantum FFF Theory ( Function Follows Form)
Quantum FFF ( Function Follows Form) theory states, that the vacuum is seeded with fast
opposite oscillating massless 3-Dimensional torus shaped Preons, responsible for pair
production. Two Preons are able to change form into two entangled Fermion propeller strings
by an overflow of energetic opposite collision. This energy overflow is supposed to be
present at the black hole event horizon.
Thus the FORM of all particles is based on real joints and gears, responsible for the
FUNCTION even for composite Quarks and Photons, however all particles are instant
entangled and guided in a dual mirror multiversal way.
That dual oscillating Higgs particles are the same as Preons and are responsible for the
Casimir Dark Energy of 126 GeV recently observed in the LHC at CERN.
That the oscillating Higgs vacuum system is the messenger medium of all Photon information
and Black Holes are equipped with a nucleus of compacted Higgs particles, compressed by
the oscillating Higgs vacuum and acting as dark matter point sources called “Dark Matter
Black Holes”( DMBHs).
The vacuum energy flow around such a Black hole indicates that different sized globular
horizons are needed, an event or Photon horizon and two Fermion repulsion horizons.
Such horizons are supposed to include even pair production (e-and e+) and compound quarks
out of the Higgs vacuum.
Pair production as a base for quarks and as such H2 and O and more complex atoms.
Comet 67P CG, (Churyumov-Gerasimenko) seems to be a unique test bed for this theory.
In the near future we will probably become aware of these phenomena by the 67P
measurements of the Rosetta lander mission. 
Recent measurements and photos are already suggesting that a large variety of atoms are ejected by the Comet and surface changes seem to be the origin of local crack shaped colour changes.
The magnetic field of the comet seems to  ring or sing 3 times every minute by the internal tectonic shocks. 
The dusty jets observed from the so called “Neck” of the comet seem to be a sign for a central Birkeland Alfven current circuit effect on dust acceleration and violating the solar heat erosion theory.
If sunspots are former comet nuclei splashed into the sun, than we may assume that sunspots
are also the creators of new solar plasma. Secondly, if Comet nuclei can survive the sun they
also must be able to survive the crash into planets like earth or moons. 
As a consequence we may assume that all energetic and plasma (new matter) related production processes found around planets and moons could be based on the same process.
Examples are found in the water vapour plumes of geysers observed on Jupiters moon Europa.
At the same time, the matter creation process by the new paradigm “Dark Matter Black
Holes” (DMBHs) inside the earth could be a support for the so called “growing earth”
hypothesis (also known as “expanding earth”) as the base for the peculiar shape of the continents on earth.

HOWEVER, according to the buried former nuclear Comets it seems to be not a so called dehydration melting process.
 see also: GPS satellites suggest Earth is heavy with dark matter.