Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Galaxy- Star formation and evolution

The universal principle of star- and galaxy  creation, after a Dark Matter Black Hole ( DMBH) splitting Big Bang.
According to Quantum FFF Theory, dual Herbig Haro hotspots are former DMBHs called SABHs Stellar Anchor Black Holes with binary star creation in between, most at the top of dust pillars of creation inside older nebula.(E)
This process is also the base of galaxy formation in the early universe.
The images:
Bi-polar (A) and multipolar (B) Planetary Nebula related to Dark Matter Black Hole based (DMBH) Starspots ejection (C). DMBHs aim by ZPE to pair (D) and form Herbig Haro systems creating binary stars in between these DMBHs called SABHs. (E).
If all the dust of the pillars is consumed and transformed into binary stars, a star like our sun remains with or without planets, being failed stars ( H2 planets like Jupiter : Dust pillar products) or Earth like planets ( iron core products)
( For the Black Hole pairing and splitting process, to form Herbig Haro objects, see image 225)