Saturday, 9 August 2014

Comets New Physics of 67P and Hartley 2.

The new black hole physics of Quantum FFF theory, seems to be present in dual nuclear comets like Hartley2 (above) and the 67P recently visited by the Rosetta probe. See photo below : (aug 2014) One important signals for internal heating is the surface temperature of 20.degr.C plus the expected temp.
Both Comets show a relative smooth surface on the "neck" between both globular elements which are more rough surfaced by the proposed production of internal plasma leading to H2O . (Water production ! direct from the Higgs field with convertable Higgs particles into pair production leading to proton electron plasma without much annihilation, see: )
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It is assumed that the new physics of dual BH nuclear Comets will show us the way to Free Energy systems! see:


If Rosetta is able to discriminate  the peculiar dark matter gravity point sources inside 67P-CG, and the intrinsic and internal EM field, then ESA will be able to boost astro- and physics understanding more than Eddington did 95 years ago ( bending of light)