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The BALL LIGHTNING - Mini BLACK HOLE relation with micro Comets

Newscientist: 01 December 2010 by Wendy Zukerman

Space debris falling into the atmosphere may cause mysterious ball lightning.

Quote:"Thousands of people have seen floating orbs of light, sometimes during thunderstorms, but their origin has never been established.
Earlier this year, scientists proposed that ball lightning was merely a hallucination caused by magnetic fluctuations during storms.
However, the weather was clear when Don Vernon, a farmer in Queensland, Australia, spotted two green balls descending from the sky on 16 May 2006. Oddly, the second rolled down a hill, bounced over a rock and then vanished."

My own research produced in the near past two other interesting examples of FIREBALLS examples both presented as videos found on youtube.

The first video shows a DOUBLE TAILED fireball falling down to earth.

The second video shows the baffling result of High altitude Sprites and Elves research by the Langmuir Laboratory (USA).
This video is reason to assume that also SPRITES may cause ball lightning and even micro Comets.
FIRE BALLS first go DOWN and then go UP again!!
Probably by the same mechanism (plasma tail) as Ball Lightning seems to be PUSHED AGAINST THE WIND DIRECTION.

Other examples:
This photo is made by Werner Burger in the mountain area called Montafon in Austria.

This photo is made in 1987, Nagano, Japan: see also Wikipedia:

The vapour trail is washed out by the opposing wind.
This is reason to assume that also ball lightning is based on my NEW paradigm for (micro) black holes
Black holes are equipped with a Fermion repelling globular horizon, able to produce a Quark Gluon plasma as a base for Hydrogen and Oxigen and water (vapour)
Comets seem to produce even CO2 ice!!
(see old Comet Hyperion.)

See also Comet Hartley 2:

Examples of singular and pairing micro Comets.

TWO pairing micro black hole comets ( former sprite fire balls)
Acellerated by Zero Point Energy driven plasma tails !!!!
See principle depicted above.

This photo made by mr. van Overhagen at Oegstgeest (NL) should be interpreted as the start of 4x natural ball lightnings by electromagnetic interference (including x-ray and gamma ray). This photo was made by a camera with automatic shutter, reacting on overdose of light, during thunderstorm.

3D representation


Quantum FFF theory is based on my early research on the architecture of elementary particles related to ball lightning with micro black holes. See report on 4e ISBL in 1995 below, reporting:
"Elementary particle architecture links ball lightning with microscopic black holes
(L. Vuyk). "
Report on the Fourth International Symposium on Ball Lightning.

University of Kent at Canterbury, UK, 25-27 July 1995, organized by R.C. Jennison
Three year after the preceding symposium in Los Angeles, USA, 24 ball lightning investigators from 8 countries met al the University of Kent in history-rich Canterbury. Russia led with 7 participants, followed by USA and Japan with 4 each, then thc UK with 3, Sweden and The Netherlands with 2, and Germany and Austria with one participant each. Some twenty more scientists, for the first time including the southern hemisphere, sent contributions which were read at the symposium. BBC took note of the symposium by broadcasting some interviews on Radio 4. Authors wishing to go 'on record' with unpublished material presented at the symposium must send their articles to Prof Y.-H. Ohtsuki, Department of Physics, Waseda University, Ohkubo 3, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169, Japan.
"Ball lightning may indicate primordeal magnetic monopoles consuming paramagnetic dust particles in the atmosphere (B.U. Rodionov, rd). XXXXElementary particle architecture links ball lightning with microscopic black holes (L. Vuyk).XXXX "

On Thursday night Prof. and Mrs. Jennison entertained symposium participants Bentley-style with a garden reception and buffet at their country residence "Wildwood", graced by paintings and music. The ICBL board thanks all organizers of the symposium, as well as the contributors and participants, and hopes to see you again in Tsugawa City in 1997.

8 August 1995
Geert C. Dijkhuis,

see also:



If we assume that all circular craters at the surface of comet 67P are originated by two aligned gravitating new physics fermion repelling micro black holes (BH), then we may get an impression of the inner BH structure of the comet responsible for the shape.
I assume that the basic dumbbell form of the comet is realized by two larger BHs and lots secondary BHs of smaller different sizes, which are concentrated in the body of the ducky located around the central main BH.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Comet Hartley 2 hides two gas jets spewing micro black holes.

Comet Hartley 2 hides two gas jets spewing (new paradigm) micro black holes in its dumbbell shaped double nucleus able to produce H2O!!! and warm up the ice, see new evidence below!
breaking news:5-04-2011,
Liquid water found inside Comet Wild 2!!
For the first time, scientists have found convincing evidence for the presence of liquid water in a comet, shattering the current paradigm that comets never get warm enough to melt the ice that makes up the bulk of their material.
This photo suggests that a new pairing and splitting black hole paradigm is needed. It is a clear support that black holes are proliferated at all scales in the universe, they seem to have a Fermion repelling and gas producing horizon. Thus, new physics is needed.
Mind also the "smooth waist" of the dumbbell shaped icy mass with two distinct spots of concentrated jets.
See also: Sciencedaily
"Deep Impact Spacecraft Successfully Flies by Comet Hartley 2"

Monday, 8 February 2010


Do black holes break up? they split into two or more pieces by the collision with other black holes, but they seem to pair also.

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Tuesday, 26 January 2010


see: http://bigbang-entanglement.blogspot.com/

Truncated tetrahedron space (lattice) around a black hole.

My latest space filler variant  called Tetra-Octahedron space filler, based on the 2-3 periodicy found by Shnoll in his histograms over moon periodicity of 27 days.

also called Octahedron-Tetrahedron space filler.

Quantum Function Follows Form (Q-FFF) theory states, that the vacuum is seeded with fast oscillating massless dual Higgs particles, oscillating along a complex chiral truncated tetrahedral vacuum lattice, which has the ability to transfer Photon and Graviton information in bunches of oscillations, through the vacuum lattice with the local speed of light. As a consequence there are no attraction forces on Fermions, which are supposed to have a real propeller shape and real double axis spin. Higgs oscillations are the origin of all energy processes in the universe and the origin of so called Dark Energy. NON oscillating Higgs particles are supposed to be trapped inside black hole nuclei of variable sizes called “Quantum Knots”, and the origin for all Dark matter. Only the sum of the different kinds of vacuum impulses in the form of Higgs vector arrays from all directions on Fermions are responsible for all energetic phenomena and gravity in the universe. However, the vacuum lattice has only 2x6= 12 (twelve) oscillation directions, which seem to be observed in the 27 day sidereal moon related period of similar histograms found by Simon E. Shnoll. These periods of 27 days seem to show a split in 2 or 3 subgroups of similar histograms, which have a possible relation with the12 oscillation directions of the vacuum with cubic and hexagonal elements.. As a second consequence, all “eigen energy” (even nuclear decay) and spin of Fermions is the result of the Dark Energy Higgs vector Field (DEHF) collision process with Fermions As a third consequence Solar, Planetary and Moon masses influence the DEHF by less powerful Graviton vector array information transfer, which is assumed to be the origin of peculiar Shnoll effects like Solar and Sidereal day periods, sidereal Moon periods and year periods of similar histograms of nuclear decay measurements like Plutonium, 239 Pu. Michelson-Morley didn’t find the ether, BUT Simon Shnoll did!

tetrahedron-octahedron space filler. 

Saturday, 23 January 2010


Spitzer image of the Crab nebula, showing multiple accelerated trailing micro black holes (former starspots like sun pots, pink colored in infra red) which are also seen by the Chandra observatory in x-Ray.
(double click on image)
see also: Examples of supernova remnants:

Recent Chandra image of two trailing micro black holes leaving x-ray tails behind!!
ScienceDaily (Jan. 23, 2010) — Astronomer were surprised to find two distinct "tails" found on a long tail of gas that is believed to be forming stars where few stars have been formed before.