Tuesday, 17 March 2009

3x Solar eclipse gravity variations explained by a double LE SAGE effect and massless micro black holes. (Sunspots)

The double Le Sage gravity is supposed to be the result of the mutual scattering (push) influence of the oscillating local Higgs Field- together with the local Graviton scattering on Fermions.

The special equatorial Solar gravity seems to be responsible for three in principle different kinds of gravity eclipse variations found by different scientists.
This can be explained by the hypothesis that sunspots (you remember: massless micro black holes) have a gravity lensing affect on the Higgs vacuum (coined: B) and the Polar rotation of these sunspots also seem to create an anti-symmetrical extra double- or dual Le Sage gravity effect. (coined: A)
Both effects A and B, seem to be responsible for the remarkable differences in the gravity variations during Solar eclipses.