Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Small Comet production by a peculiar Solar Flare interference as a sort Birkeland effect?

For, the need for a black hole paradigm shift,
By Mario Rabinowitz, named “Black Hole Paradoxes”
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NASA's Polar Spacecraft Confirms ...Small Comets are Pelting Earth,
By Louis Frank.


What goes DOWN, sometimes goes UP again.


(with The Langmuir video included)

The origin of micro Comets and Ball lightning.
(What goes DOWN sometimes goes UP)

18 years ago during heavy thunderstorm in the Netherlands, a photo camera with automatic shutter recorded strange bead lightning streaks with interesting curvature.
At the end of some streaks a fire ball was visible.
Reconstruction of the curvature of the bead lightning suggested that all the streaks should have some relation to each other and the same frequency.
See: Rigid Gluonium Knots and Ball lightning

Could it be, that electromagnetic wave interference (with the same wavelength) was responsible for this phenomenon?
The answer was YES if there was also an x-ray (or Gamma-ray) component into play.
Why do we need this x-ray phenomenon? Because not all lightning strokes produce bead lightning or fireball ball lightning.
There must be some irregular component responsible for the incidental emerging of Ball lightning and Bead lightning.
This component could be found in the recent experiment results of professor J.R.Dwyer, ( Geospace physics lab,FIT). He discovered the x-rays emission from laboratory sparks and lightning strokes.
(see: The observation of x-ray bursts produced by 1.5 MV laboratory sparks in air
Recently also M.Rahman (Upsala university Sweden) made comparable experiments: “x-rays from 80 cm long sparks in air” with x-ray emission results, see:

However, if strong electromagnetic radiation and accompanying x-rays are responsible for ball lightning, then perhaps also (larger) ball lightning effects could be found in space at places with high discharge energies like so called SPRITES and ELVES or even near the solar surface OR NEAR so called BIRKELAND currents ON EARTH.
Judge for yourselves and look at the slow-motion video of Langmuir University of sprites and elves. See under: “Sprites and Elves as the origin of small Comets and large Ball Lightnings”

What you see is the production of lots of fireballs going down and partly after a while going up again!!! Just like the solar photo presenting at least four fireballs going down and ONE going upwards!! See; “Small Comet production by Solar flare curent interference” http://migratingblackholes.blogspot.com/

Sprite scientist described these fireball phenomena in conventional breakdown mechanisms of lightning strokes, such as streamers, down- and upward streamers. Only if streamers collide, then it is called a sprite bead. see: submillisecond imaging of sprite developement an structure. http://people.ee.duke.edu/~cummer/reprints/048_cummer06_grl_hsvsprites.pdf

All Comets, large Comets and even the smaller Sungrazers are originated as fireballs, by Solar electro magnetic field interference near to the solar surface as is shown in the photograph. Some of these Comets where able to produce or gather enough water molecules, during their journey away from the sun, to be influenced by the solar gravity field and become a more or less “Newtonian” elliptical orbit around the sun.
Ball lightning and small Comets are supposed to be produced by the interference of electromagnetic energy found inside Elves and Sprites.
Leo Vuyk.