Thursday, 9 April 2015

New Anode Black holes are Plasma Producing Charge Splitters by a Fermion Repelling Horizon.

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Crisis in Astro-Physics solved by a new Anode Black Hole and Propeller Shaped Fermions? 
New Anode Black holes are Plasma Producing Charge Splitters by a Fermion Repelling Horizon.
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I think that Hawking did not calculate with the possibility that the black hole could be a bit more complex by the repulsion of propeller shaped fermions.

My new Quantum FFF model partly described by posters in this book, and (ref 56, 4 and 1) proposes a chiral oscillating Higgs field vacuum lattice combined with propeller shaped Fermions. Electrons and positrons both pushed away from the Black Hole (BH) horizon at different distances, forming two different charged separated spheres, with quark ( plasma) formation in between.
How could this be possible?

Only if the oscillating Higgs vacuum Lattice (tetrahedral shaped) has a preferred chirality. So in our material universe, all the Planck lattices (the edges of the tetrahedrons) form a left handed spiral.
As a result all neutrinos are left handed! because the neutrino information travels  in the form of an Higgs oscillation along these edges.
At the same time, positrons must have a preferred spin (OLO left=L) they catch a Gluon to form a u-quark ( OLO+ROR) which is better protected for the aggressive oscillations of the left handed Higgs field than an electron ORO combined with the mirror Gluon LOL forming a right handed anti- d-Quark!
So New Electric Dark Matter Black Holes are assumed to be charge splitters and carry an Anode shell at the outside and a Cathode shell at the inside. They violating the 2e law of thermodynamics, combined with a micro big bang plasma creation process for BHs at every scale!
So: Quantum fluctuations around the BH horizon produce pairs of leptons. e-,e+ and even compound quarks (d, u, etc, see Fermion 3D string propeller theory: Fermion repelling by Lorentz polarized spin flip).  ( see also Vixra "mass in motion")

Conclusion The Big Bang did not produce instantly all the Fermions in the universes. Even now there is reason to assume that lots of Fermions are produced- in the form of charged plasma-globules  by all BHs (see ball lightning fig B.) even by the largest primordial Big bang splinters located outside large galaxies.